2020-21 UD Ultimate Collection Hockey Hobby Box (Call 708-371-2250 For Pricing & Availability)

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1 Pack Per Box

4 Cards Per Pack


2020-21 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection NHL Hockey Cards Box Hits:

  • (1) Autographed Rookie Card
  • (1) Non-Autographed Memorabilia Card
  • (1) ADDITIONAL Autographed or PREMIUM Memorabilia Card
  • (1) Base Set Parallel or Insert Card


2020-21 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection NHL Hockey Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • The 200-Card Base Set consists of (100) Star Veterans (#’d to 149) and Legends (#’d to 99), and (100) Rookies (#’d to 299 or 99).
    • Collect up to five parallels of the Veterans and Legends, including Auto, Gold Auto and Onyx Black Auto parallels, as well as ALL-NEW Jumbo Patch (Veterans) and Jumbo Auto Patch (Veterans & Legends) variants!
    • Also keep an eye out for 1-of-1 Shield Patch and Shield Auto Patch parallels of the Veterans.
    • Collect all (100) true rookie cards via the two-tiered and serially-numbered Ultimate Rookies Autos subset. Look for Auto Patch parallel cards #’d as low as 49 and keep an eye out for Jersey, Jumbo Auto Patch and 1-of-1 Shield Auto Patch variations!
  • The Ultimate Introductions insert set, which boasts a Showcase subset featuring the best-of-the-best 2020-21 rookies and a “Showcase” callout, is back! Collect up to seven parallels of the full set, including the Purple, Onyx Black Auto and Purple Auto parallels – all #’d to 15 or less.
  • Ultimate Access returns with more dazzling imagery, autographs and premium memorabilia, highlighted by the Bronze Patch Auto (#’d to 25) and Gold Tag Auto (#’d to 6) parallels.
  • NEW! The uniquely-themed NHL Legacy memorabilia insert set features players that come from families with at least one other NHL player in the family tree. Look for Bronze Patch and Gold Tag parallels, including autographed versions, each of which are #’d to 25 or less.
  • The popular Pro Threads (star veterans) and Debut Threads (top rookies) insert sets return featuring patch swatches accompanied by HARD-SIGNED Autographs.
  • Casual fans to hardcore collectors will be on the hunt for these additional NHL Shield Patch sets:
    • All-Star Skills Shield Patch & Auto Shield Patch: Both are 1-of-1 cards featuring All-Stars and the NHL Shield Patch from their All-Star Skills Competition jersey!
    • All-Star Tandem Shield Patches: More 1-of-1 cards featuring two All-Stars and the NHL Shield Patches from their All-Star Skills Competition jerseys.
    • Rookie Tandem Shield Patches: This set pairs an active star with a rookie from the same team and features a rookie year photo of both players with a rookie year NHL Shield Patch from both player!. All cards are #’d to just 2!
  • The Ultimate Signatures Premium Materials insert set, featuring autographs and premium memorabilia swatches from current stars and retired legends, will be a valuable addition to any collection. Look for cards #’d as low as 5!